Goetz Delivers – What He’ll Do!

Mike is Dedicated to us!  So, what should we expect from Mike Goetz if and when he becomes Prosecutor for Oakland County?

1.  Ensure Justice:
Mike will be tough on crime, and aggressively representing victims of crime and their families with respect and compassion. Leadership matters.

2. Protect Families:
Peace of mind that your family is safe has everything to do with your quality of life. Mike will protect families and keep Oakland County the best place to live, work and raise a family.

3. Bring the Judicial System to OUR Schools:
Mike will go to our schools to educate our children about how the law is meant to help them and to teach them to respect the law.

4. Collaboration:
Mike will work with Law Enforcement and Victims so they have an open and unimpeded line of communication.

5. Fiscal Responsibility:
Mike will provide essential services of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. He will adopt alternative sentencing options for nonviolent offenders that focus on rehabilitation over incarceration.

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